Workshop Programme

Venue: Room 103/104, Main Building, SOKENDAI (Hayama Campus)

10:30+ arrival and welcome

10:45: Introduction: aims and themes of the workshop and wider project

11:00 Panel 1 3x papers (20 minutes) and discussion

  • Ian Rapley; From Zilengo to Platzwechsel: Japanese scientists and foreign languages
  • Kikuchi Yoshiyuki; Joji Sakurai’s “The Pleasure of a Rigakusha” (1888) revisited: Was there any difference between a “rigakusha” and “kagakusha“?
  • Furukawa Yasu; The Careers of Two Umes (Tsuda Ume and Tange Ume): The Making of the Female Kagakusha in Japan

1:45– Panel 2: 2x papers (20 minutes) and discussion

  • Ariga Nobumichi; Education and Learning: The Scientific Life of Ryokichi Yatabe, Botanist, in the Early Meiji Period
  • NozomiMizushima; The Birth of the “Shimin Kagakusha”: an Overview of the Recent Global Hype and Arguments on the Definition of the “Citizen Scientist”

2:45– Coffee Break

3:00– Panel 3 3x papers (20 minutes) and discussion

  • Kenji Ito; When did Japanese physicists become “scientists”?: The primacy of research and Takeuchi Tokio’s artificial radium scandal in the early 1940s
  • Akihito Suzuki; From Humanistic Learning and Fieldwork of Drugs to Scientific Pharmacology: Continuities and Changes in Japanese Pharmaceutical Studies c.1800-c.1950
  • Yakup Bektas; The Scientist as Wizard and the Engineer as Savior in the Stories of Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933)


4:45–Comments and Concluding discussion on the major themes of the project.

  • Sayaka Oki, comments
  • General discussion

6:30End of the workshop

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