UK Workshop: The Japanese Scientist in the World

The Japanese Scientist: The Japanese Scientist in the World

Date: 9-10 September, 2019
Location: Cardiff University, United Kingdom

General Objectives



This two-day workshop is a part of the UK’s Economic and Social Research
Council/Arts & Humanities Research Council (ESRC & AHRC) funded network, The Japanese Scientist in Japan and in the World, with additional support from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)’s Advanced Sciences Synergy Program. The grant seeks to seed initial discussions and collaborative work to identify and establish the themes and topics for a wider project that seeks to place the history of science & scientists in Japan (& possibly broader East Asia) in a more thoroughly global context. This will not only expand our knowledge of Japanese history & science’s role within it, it will also help to expand our understanding of the history of science as a more fully global phenomenon, revealing and reassessing some of the perhaps under-appreciated consequences of modern science’s Western origins, bringing the history of science and history of modern Japan into dialogue.


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