This is the website for the project The Japanese Scientist in Japan and in the World, supported by an ESRC/AHRC UK-Japan SSH Connections Grant. The project seeks to examine the participation of Japanese scientists in domestic society and in global networks of scientific activity.

The set of practices that we know today as contemporary science emerged from early-modern and modern Europe. Indeed, whilst the knowledge modern science produces has claims to universality, as a practice, sets of institutions and networks of participants, it has often been dominated by Western nations and Western practitioners. The purpose of this project is to use Japan as a case study to examine how scientists from beyond the European centre confronted challenges on local and global levels: finding a place for themselves in national society, and also in the transnational networks of scientific exchange.

Contact us at: TheJapaneseScientist<AT>

This website is in development – please come back to check out new updates.

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